La Mesa Ecopark Prenup Shoot

Engagement Session La Mesa Ecopark

Mikkio and Nicole

Why choose La Mesa Ecopark for Engagement Shoot

  • No permit needed for Photographers
  • Entrance Fee is only P40 per pax
  • Within Metro Manila

Garden View

Nicole and Mikkio Engagement Session

Good for outdoor themed photographs

Travel guide to explore Cebu-Swim with the whalesharks and Sumilon Island Oslob, Cebu

Many of us have heard about the beauty of Cebu. You might have heard it from a friend, your officemates, or have seen it many times on facebook. We all are natural wanderers. Reading and hearing about a good place to travel will touch our hidden desire to go and explore. And what’s holding us back in travelling? Ofcourse, we all know the answer. Money. But, if we really like something we can always find a way to do it. Right?

  • I booked my ticket 8 months before the actual date of my travel to Cebu. I followed Cebu Pacific’s fb page to get updated whenever they have promo fares. By doing so, you will buy your ticket on a cheaper price and you’ll also have many flight schedule options to choose from if you book in advance.

How to get to Oslob

The easiest way to get to Cebu from Manila is by air. About 1hour and 10min travel time. You can book your ticket from any of your favorite airlines. From Mactan-Cebu Airport you need to ride a cab to Cebu South Bus Terminal fare is less than P300, then ride a bus that will take you to Oslob fare P149 for ordinary bus and P170 for an Airconditioned bus. Travel time is around 2-3hours.


There are plenty of places to stay in Oslob. Make sure to visit Agoda to get the cheapest rate possible depends on your liking or you can do research and walk-in just like what I did. If you want to know where i stayed.

L & M Hearthstone Lodge

Aircondition rooms are from P1,250 -P1,500 for 2persons. They also have dorm type rooms for big group. We stayed for 3 days and 2 nights in this lodge. 2 days to explore Oslob, and 1 day to relax and prepare ourselves for our next destination. They will serve you bread and coffee for breakfast. If you’re a rice person just like me, you may always order cornedbeefsilog breakfast for only P50. Yes. Cornedbeef is your only option. 

Please take note that L&M Lodge is 5mins away from the market and about 15mins away to Oslob WhaleShark Watching location. Eating in Oslob town proper is your other option. Or you may buy ingredients in the market and cook it in L&M’s kitchen for a minimal fee. If I’m not mistaken its about P50 per viand.

How to get around Oslob

L&M Hearthstone is along the hway. You can take the bus to WSW, and market for a minimal fare. Tricycle from L&M to market is P9 per head one way, for special trip you have to pay P40 so Manong driver will not pick up other passengers along the way. There are also single motors in the market that will take you around Oslob. If you’re going WSW, L&M also has a cab that will take you to and from the location 150/person. As for me i found a good deal with Kuya Richard 100/person in his cute little pink car. Back and forth. Here’s his number 09982364488. 

Kuya Richard also has an on going(under construction) guesthouse and an operating small carinderia in town. They have silog options in the morning for tourist who wants to fill their hungry stomach before going to an exciting activity.

Whale Shark Encounter


  • Stay in the boat to watch WS – P300
  • Snorkelling/Free Diving – P500


  • Stay in the boat to watch WS – P500
  • Snorkelling/Free Diving – P1,000

Whaleshark watching and snorkelling will only take about 15mins. Starts 6am to 12pm. Make sure to be there early to avoid a long queue.

    Sumilon Island Day tour

    After my exciting encounter with whalesharks. We went straight to Sumilon Island. Bluewater pick up/drop off point is just few kilometers away fro WSW location. 2-5mins trike ride and you’re on Bluewater Resort waiting area. Sumilon Island is a 24-hectare coral island off the coast of Bancogon, Oslob. Our host Bluewater Island Resort has developed the island into an eco-friendly haven for those who want to escape the stress of the city life.You may enjoy a taste of island paradise Bluewater Sumilon Island for a day. 

    Bluewater Sumilon Island Infinity pool

    1 of 3 jacuzzis surrounding the pool

    Sand bar

    Nippa hut near lagoon

    Buffet area

    Marine Sanctuary 100m away from the sandbar

    Day tour special package rates

    • Weekdays – P1,500 nett per person
    • Weekends and Holidays – P2,000 nett per person


    1. Lunch serve with (1) round of drink
    2. Roundtrip boat transfer (Mainland Bancogon – Sumilon Island – Mainland Bancogon)
    3. Island Activity (kayaking, snorkelling, free use of mask and snorkel, island trekking, and fish feeding)
    4. Orientation about the island
    5. Use of resort facilities including beach, infinity pool, picnic grove, beach hut, and shower rooms.
    6. Tax and service charge
    7. Entrance fees
    8. Children age 0-4 is free of charge with lunch meal except (1) round of drink

    Lagoon for kayaking and cycling boat

    Lunch buffet area on the background

        Other things you can do in Sumilon Island

        • Play badminton
        • Drink in the Bar
        • Visit the lighthouse

        For reservation you may send a request at Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort official website Cebu Tel number (632) 318 9098 Cell number (63 917) 631 7592 – (63 998) 964 1879 or email

        Did i miss something? You may write a comment below for questions regarding WSW and Sumilon Island. 

        Happy travel!